Under Set


Started work on the under landscape which was reasonably simple as far as modeling goes. The texturing was an opportunity to try out the new micro-displacement in Blender 2.78. which can be run off the graphic card – except not for me, as it requires over 4 GB memory.



To make it even more impractical I also tested some Volume scattering…




How to visualize a digital character?

My character called ‘Contact’ is the digital face of the man in the room. Besides just having some fun, I was looking at how to represent a skin of circuits. There is an inner and outer material using the same UV mask which does not always behave as expected. Would love to explore this with more detail but think it might be a bit too much for my current system…

Loosing weight…

week 3 2016 High Week 3 2016 Low

These images are the resolution I plan to render soon, but even here there has been a huge compromise. I naively began with meshes of the entire model. I loved the dimension and the detail that one could get into the corners of the brick work. Unfortunately my technology was complaining and eventually getting bogged down with calculations. I re-mapped all the basic geometry with texture maps of the original meshes and have made the files somewhat smaller and easier to handle…