Shot # 1

The previous renders were composited for speed but was not happy with the solutions to create depth. This scene requires a combined render, not just for the DOF, but also for the particles system. Also for the first time – sound! Makes a big difference and a big thanks to Carl Cottrell for that.

Shot # 1 – 720p version from patdog on Vimeo.


Under Set


Started work on the under landscape which was reasonably simple as far as modeling goes. The texturing was an opportunity to try out the new micro-displacement in Blender 2.78. which can be run off the graphic card – except not for me, as it requires over 4 GB memory.



To make it even more impractical I also tested some Volume scattering…



Motion tests with Cycles

The material system in Blenders new render engine ‘Cycles’ works differently and was eager to try some things out – particularily the reflective & transparent surfaces. I kept running into artifacts (fireflies) which could be cured by increasing the sampling rate – the downside of which is it takes longer to render. The test here was done with 720p and a sample rate of 800…