The little island is easing into creation. I hope to add more junk eventually…


…and some details reveal, base texture ain’t good enough for close-up.



Further down the road…

week52_above Week52_below

…took a while to piece this all together – which included breaking it into scenes to get functional render speeds. The file is too heavy and slow to be useful for animation at this time, but hopefully this can be remedied in the not too distant future. While this can’t be considered finished, going to work a bit more on characters I think. Maybe eventually some things I can insert into this setting…

Another brick – in another wall

House 01 Sample 03

…and with this a return to the virtual solution. First option 2D textures on 3D objects, however, various attempts at creating these textures and bump maps left me unconvinced. In every sense the relatively dense meshes of the bricks creates a more believeable edge and also shadows. The price a few more minutes per frame… which might eventually become a problem…or not. I remember when I first started with Blender having trouble rendering the most simple of scenes, and now can be happy not only with the results, but the time is somewhat acceptable. At the rate I’m making progress the development of faster hardware for renedering is certain to make the extra geometry a mute point – technology will inevitably take over us all!



Proof of Concept – Layers

This shot is to test the combination of physical 3D with generated environment. While it is rather flat and dull, it has helped me piece and place the various masks involved and will serve as the basis for further development.

Very helpful for this proceedure was this video from Blendtuts on green screen removal and Blender VFX’s excellent quick tip in masking.